eloona is an innovative, dynamic and ecologically oriented company, whose objective is to protect the environment and to work in an eco-friendly an dphilanthropic way in all branches.

The most modern technology along with the best order and project assistance constitute the guidelines of our philosophy. Our continuous enhancements allow us to master the steadily increasing technological challenges.

In the domain of the filter technology, environmental engineering and process engineering, we are active as manufacturers of technical knitted wire filters, as well as demisters and entire separation cassettes and cartridges for almost all separation and filtration technologies. Our main areas of application are dedusting, incoming and outgoing air filtration, air conditioning, exhaust gas separation, droplet separators, oil/mist separators up to grease separators as well as baffle filters and flame protection filters for the catering industry.

We are capable of knitting products for the highest requirements thanks to our most modern high-tech machines.

Part of our portfolio is also the production of complex system components as well as entire component sets.

Other key markets are specific knitted wire elements for the regenerative energy engineering and industrial technology, i.e. bearing and damping elements, sealing elements, compressed air treatment, protection against vandalism, electromagnetic shielding, medical technology, knitted roll goods to the point of special sound insulation applications.

Furthermore, we additionally offer:
• Filter discs with different wire mesh densities for pipeline constructions as well as for welding fume applications

• Baffle filters/separators, accordingly flame protection filters in Types A and B moreover combined separators conformed by a flame protection filter and an expanded metal panel in various sizes, pursuant with the norm DIN 18 869-5 for the catering industry.